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What is twalaba?

twalaba is an online service designed to make people’s journeys more social. The concept of twalaba was born from a mere simple finding: we have hundreds of friends and relatives on Facebook, and every one of them represents a potential travel destination. What we needed was a solution that automated flight search to be able to process hundreds of destinations at the same time and got results delivered quickly.

twalaba uses the amazing power and convenience of social networks to find hundreds of competitive airfares in a matter of minutes, and makes possible what was once unthinkable: to get, in the blink of an eye, an overview of the least expensive places in my worldwide friends’ network, I can travel to.

When was twalaba founded?

twalaba co-founders Nicolas Martin and Pierre Le Leannec met in 2007 while working for the same company in Paris, France. Working from various remote locations, Nicolas and Pierre began building twalaba in summer 2010. After a yearlong of a highly iterative process, they launched the Public Beta of twalaba in June 2011.

Special Thanks to…

Alex Prempeh, Ludovic Hersant and the Association Cristal, Christian Kastner, Kristina Sam, Daniel Martin, Kristin Lejdstrom, Katharina Marchgraber and Cygnis Media. We bow to your professionalism and hard work.

Many thanks also to Jérémie Cook for his advice on Facebook’s implementations, Philippe Nicolas for his design advice and guidance and Hyacinthe Briand for his insights on UX. We couldn't recommend enough the work of these brilliant people.

Team twalaba

  • Nicolas Martin

    Nicolas is Co-founder and CEO of twalaba. Prior to founding twalaba, he worked as a PR consultant for the IT industry.

  • Pierre Le Leannec

    Pierre is Co-founder of twalaba. Communication consultant in the IT industry at day, and developing web projects at night.

  • Christian Kastner

    Chris is Co-founder of twalaba and in charge of technical infrastructure. Database ninja at day, and database ninja at night as well ...

  • If you'd like to invite a speaker from Twalaba to an event to talk about travel, friendship, or any other topic, please visit speakergram.com/twalaba.

Press contact

Need more information? Please email press@twalaba.com

If you're on deadline, please include the word "URGENT" and the date and time of your deadline in the subject line of your message, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. We're a small team and we sometime receive a high volume of requests each day, so we apologize in advance if we're not able to get back to you immediately :)

You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and on our blog.

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