Questions before I sign up to Twalaba ...

Is Twalaba completely free?

Yes it is! Twalaba compares the most reliable and competitive airfare sources on the Internet for free! You don't have to pay us anything to use our services. The only thing you will have to pay for... is your plane ticket!

How can I join Twalaba?

All you need is an active facebook account. Once on the Twalaba landing page, click on "Connect with Facebook" or "Get your passport on facebook" to sign up to Twalaba with your facebook username and password. Twalaba will then request permission to access some of your information on facebook. Click "Allow" to start using Twalaba.

If you don't have a facebook account yet, sign up here for free

I don't have a facebook account. Is there another way I can sign up to Twalaba?

For the moment, twalaba is only accessible to users who are already registered on facebook. Why is that?

Well, Facebook helps make signing up for twalaba quick and easy. By registering with Facebook, you don't have to set up a new account, pick a password, upload a photo, or try to find your friends or family in order to connect with them. All of these steps are combined into one, helping you get started easily, and right away. While we currently only support Facebook, we're looking at ways in which to use other registration systems, too.

What are you doing with my data? What about privacy?

We take your privacy very seriously. Our platform works with the latest security settings, and we don’t access your private info (like your personal phone number) via Facebook, only general location info (city, country). And more importantly, we’ll never sell any of your data to an external service. Also, Twalaba's activities are controled by the CNIL, an independent administrative authority protecting privacy and personal data, which's main tasks are to protect privacy and personal and public liberties. Find more details about our privacy policy here //privacypolicy